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Some useful Rotuman Expressions

Here are some useful expressions :


Fãiåk se’ea : ‘Thank you’ (It can also mean ‘congratulations or hello’)


Noa’ia : ‘Hello, Good morning, Good day, Thank you’ (You can combine this with other words)


‘äe taptapen ? : 'How are you?'


Gou ne’ne’( lelei) : 'I’m fine'


Gagaja noa’ia : 'Thank God'


Figalelei : ‘Please’


Se fek : ‘I’m sorry’ (this means literally, ‘Don’t be angry)


Hanis (Hanisi) : ‘What a shame, poor thing, etc’


Hanisiof : ‘Love’ (the closing of a personal letter or e-mail)


The –of : ending here means the love is ‘directed toward you’


Se fua : ‘God bless you’ (said to a person who sneezes) (Notice the se negative word again - this expression literally means ‘Don’t burst open’)


Noa’ia ‘e mãuri : ‘Hello’ (this means literally, ‘thank you for living’)


Noa’ia ‘e hanisit : ‘Thank you for your kindness’


La’ ma ne’ne’ ‘äe : ‘Go and (you) be well’


For those of you who are beginners to the Rotuman language : start with using 2 or 3, and gradually add more of them. The nice thing about expressions is that you don’t have to worry about grammar. Just memorise them, and you’ll be speaking Rotuman!



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